Armenian Society of Los Angeles

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Enjoy Food, Drink and Live Music every Wednesday from 8:00 PM until Late - ASLA Ludovika & Agop Aintabilian Cultural Center - Paaricipate in ASLA Upcoming Events - *** Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! ***

Paros Committee

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Kalost Issagholian .  Sharis Momjian . Gregory Boghossian .  Seda Avakian .  Oshin Thomassian

Edward Ordukhanian .  Marie Zadoori .  Karineh Ter Hovanessian .  Armineh Soukiazian .  Nejdeh Pirjanian

With the special invitation from Board of Directors, the Paros Committee was formed to help the Armenian Society of Los Angeles in fund raising and special events activities.
For the past 10 years, Paros Committee raised substantial funds by organizing successful events.